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A white padded chair set up showing the curved back.

White Padded Folding Chair


A mahogany padded chair set up

Mahogany Padded Folding with Black Pad


A white bistro or garden chair showing its high scalloped back and rounded seat

White Bistro Chair  $1.75

Stackable  (heavy duty resin)

A cross back chair showing its curved slat on top and the crossing of the wood on back.  The color is natural wood called tinted raw

Cross Back Chair (Tinted Raw)


This picture shows the wooden chair with the back shaped in a circle with an x design in the middle.  It is natural wood tinted raw

Sand Glass Chair (Tinted Raw)


A White chivari chair has a back withone row of slats on the back going vertical and the other 2 slats going horizontal

White Chivari Ballroom Chair with White Cushion


A mahogany chivari chair with a black cushion.  A chivari chair has bamboo like pieces for the structure that create the back and bottom legs.

Mahogany Chivari Chair with

Black or White Cushion


A gold chivari chair with an ivory cushion in our showroom

Gold Chivari Chair w/ Ivory Cushion


A Dark brown chivari chair with a black cushion

Dark Brown Chivari Chair w/ Black or White Cushion


A folding chair with a black metal frame and black plastic seat and back

Black and Black Folding Chair


a gold chair which is a little large then a normal chair.  It has a tuft back a padded seat

Gold King Louie Chair


A White king louie chair which has a tuft back and a padded seat

White King Louie Chair


A oversized heavy wooden chair that has a back that is shaped with points shooting out and a round circle on top. It has gold and white fabric that is padded and covers part of seat and back

Gold Queen Chair (wood with gold and white fabric)  $40.00

It is made from wood and has a design created on the top of the back of the chair like 3 points shooting out and a oval placed on top.  It has gold and white fabric for the seat and back

Gold King Chair (wood with gold and white fabric) $40.00

A bench made of metal that can seat two and the seat is made of wood that has a scorched look

Industrial Bench

A round seat covered in black leather sitting on a single pole which is attached to a four prong foot

Bar Stool $4.00

A gun metal bar stool with four legs going straight down to the floor.  The legs start wide and get thinner as it gets to the floor.  There is no padding on the seat

´╗┐Industrial Bar Stool


White or Reddish Kiddie chair.  It sits low to the ground for a childs seat.  The frame is white metal and the seat and back are plastic in white or reddish

Kiddie Chair (White or Reddish)


White 10 foot long bench set up on grass for a wedding ceremony

White Wooden Bench

10ft length $30.00

Stuffed black leather sofa with tuft back and overstuffed arms.  It has metal legs

Black Leather Sofa $100.00

Paded black leather chair. The black leather arms are solid black leather

Black Leather Chair $50.00

a 4 foot by 8 foot lounge.  It has a spandex cover and pillows. The picture shows 2 adults sitting on it

4' x 8' Black Lounge