40 Ft. Frame Tent Rentals

40x40 White Frame Tent

Notice the sidewalls are pulled together and tied around the tent legs (if needed they will slide closed on a track)

Frame Tents feature a skeleton of aluminum framework and steel connectors to support the tent top. Although this style of tent is "free-standing" by design, it still must be anchored to resist wind forces. All styles of frame tents have no poles that come to the ground in the interior space of the tent

40x60 White Frame Tent

40x80 White Frame Tent

Under 40x80 with ceiling liner, dance floor, rustic chandeliers, side curtains, tables, chairs and linens

40' wide tents are expandable to any length.  They can be expanded to accommodate your party rental tent size or wedding tent rental or ceremony tent rental. 40' wide tents also come in clear top tents.

                     Pictured is a 40x100 without sidewalls.