Globe lighting under 40x60

Bistro Lights under 40x60

Globe light decorated under 30x60

Bistro lights & fabric under Century Mate 40x60 Pole Tent

Bistro lights under Century Mate 40x60 Pole Tent

 Up lighting with colors

Up lights on poles and wrapped poles with lights and fabric

Beaded Chandeliers with up lights

Lanterns and Fabric with up lights

Chandeliers with ceiling liner

Bistro lights under 30x60 tent daylight

Rustic Chandeliers with amber

up light on ground

Rustic Chandelier

Lamp Post

Light up Cocktail Tables

Beaded Chandelier with GOBO image light (stars) and pole drape

GoBo light shines a image onto area

Flame Lights

Flame light table top

Waterfall lights (move down the wall)

Light up Bar

Light up bars and cocktail tables with spandex linens

Spandex Columns with up lights

Truss bar lighting

Different type lighting throughout 

Colored up light for color wash